JOURNEY OF THE SONGHAI PEOPLE: The Real Roots and Our Future

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There are projects that come along once in a great while that really speak to and from the heart; “Journey of The Songhai People: The Real Roots” is one of those projects. 

Journey Of The Songhai People: The Real Roots is a four part series  named after Dr. Edward W. Robinson’s book of the same name.


Producer Robert Lott of Teamwork Media group International in association with Dr. George Fraser and Dr. Jackie Mayfield are producing a four part film series shot in Egypt, Ghana, the Caribbean, South America and The United States for distribution around the world, to a major TV network(s), as well as for international theatrical exploitation.

“Journey of the Songhai People: The Real Roots.”  touches on the issue of race and culture, history, psychology and sociology from an Afrocentric point of view for the edification of all. 


Journey details the mythology, cultural and historical legacy embodied by people of African descent that has influenced world art, music, entertainment, science, technology, social policy, electoral politics, etc. in innumerable ways. 


The series has five main hosts as “guides,” author, Egyptian Scholar and researcher, Dr. Tony Browder, the only African American man to fund an archaeological dig in Egypt.  Ghanaian Chief & Attorney Dr. Kwa David Whitaker, founder of an African focused community school and developer of a freshman college orientation program to support students to go the long haul through participation in his Rites Of Passage program, Dr. Chike Akua,  educator and national speaker on the impact of education on our children,   

Dr. George Fraser, in designing our future, explains how we can overcome our learned behavior and give us the plan of economic empowerment, Dr. Runoko Rashidi, world traveler to over 120 countries on 7 continents,  chronicles our migration to and our existence throughout the world.


 Dr. Anika Daniels-Osaze and Dr. Jabari Osaze are the on camera studio co-hosts for the four part Journey series.  The series will utilize the on camera teachings of historians and scholars including  Dr. Molefi Asante, Chair of African Studies and Africology at Temple University, founder of the African Studies and History Research Institute and the most prolific African American author and intellectual with over 80 published books,  Dr. Joyce King and her husband Maiga, descendant of a Songhai king of the Songhai Empire and Gina Paige, founder of African


Knowledge Keeper Edward Robinson leads this re-awakening with sharing his research, theory and facts that unravel and reveal the true origin of the civilization of us as the first people.   

From in-studio segments to far flung ports-of-call our journey takes us to more than twenty countries and five continents to relay a story that has been ages in the making unlike anything that have graced TV screens before.  


This one-of-a-kind series seeks to serve as both a wake-up call as well as an inspiration for all who view it.  

The Knowledge Keepers / Series Hosts

Dr. Nana Kwa David Whitaker


 Dr. Kwa David Whitaker will talk about our migration to the west coast of Africa known as the Songhai Empire. He will show us the greatness of our people, our accomplishments and the capturing and enslavement in what became the slave dungeons and port of leaving our homeland.  

Dr. Anthony Browder


 Anthony Browder, Egyptologist, Author, Historian, etc...... who has gone to egypt over 54 times learning our history will reflect on our beginnings starting Nubia into egypt, and talk about his 12 year excavation in Luxor among the valley of the Kings .

Dr. Chike Akua


 Dr. Chike Akua will teach us as to how learning our true history can reflect on our youths attitudes about themselves. 

Knowledge of the survivor’s being the “strongest of the strong, Fittest of the fit, is  needed by African American youth.  

Dr. Runoko Rashidi


Dr. Runoko Rashidi, world traveler for over 20 years having been the only African American to have travelled to over 126 countries learning and chronicling our migration to and our existence throughout the world. 

Dr. Edward Robinson, Jr.


 Dr. Edward Robinson Jr, who spent 70 of his 94 years before his passing introduces us the concept of African Genesis, the learning of our true history in Kemet and Songhai. He demonstrates examples of success throughout his years in examples like the Leads School, Dzertclub and others.  

Dr. George C. Fraser


 Dr. George C. Fraser is CEO of FraserNet, Inc., a company he founded to lead a global networking and economic development movement for people of African descent. He’s written 6 best-selling books. Dr. Fraser has been featured on 7 national magazine covers, He has received over 350 awards and citations

Anika & Jabari Osaze



Dr. Anika Daniels-Osaze and Dr. Jabari Osaze are the on camera studio co-hosts for the four part Journey series.  Both have led annual study tours to Egypt since 2002 in partnership with the African Genesis Institute. Brother Osaze has also led monthly tours throughout several National museums.

Dr. Molefi Asante



Dr. Molefi Asante introduces us to Afrocentricity, a paradigm based on the idea that African people should re-assert a sense of agency in order to achieve sanity. He will speak to formulating novel ways of analyzing information from “a black perspective” as opposed to what had been considered the “white perspective” of most information in America.

Dr. Joyce King



Dr. Joyce King, a dynamic leader and visionary teacher/scholar,  has a wealth of academic, administrative and leadership experience in public, private and non-profit settings, including historical Black and predominately white colleges and universities. 

She will share her expertise in diversity transformation with civic and human rights organizations and higher education institutions in the U.S. and abroad. 

Dr. Patricia Newton



Dr. Patricia Newton, who is a psychiatrist as well as being trained in Afrikan knowledge systems, explains how the repeated trauma experienced by our ancestors during slavery and in the years of terrorisation and oppression that followed had been passed down through the generations and resulted in many of the self-negating and dysfunctional individual and group behaviour patterns that we see amongst Afrikan people across the world today. 

Dr. Hassimi O. Maiga,



Dr. Hassimi O. Maiga, direct descendant of Askia Muhammad of Songhoy and a renowned expert in the Songhoy language,holds a Presidential appointment as Distinguished Research Professor of Education at the University of Bamako, Mali. Will speak about "When the Language of Education is Not the Language of Culture," Notes on Classical Songhoy Education and socialization: The World of Women and Childrearing Practices, and the history of Songhoy. 

The Journey Series



This film series will present stories to open viewers’ eyes to the true history that has always been hidden in plain sight. The Journey brings you history without the mystery, presenting complex facts with crystal clarity making it easy to understand the past, its effect on the present and how mastery of such knowledge can be used to shape the future. 

The Journey is presented through the eyes of a cadre of scholars, historians, writers, artists and professionals who are turning all we thought we knew about  Ancient Africa on its head with documentary evidence and interpretations that fly very much in the face of convention with the mission of  changing lives by changing perceptions